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For an Express In and Out short time break. Ideally in the rush process of Pedicure treatment. With quick soak in warm Mint then followed with Coconut Shredded Scrub removing dead skin away. Next, moisturizing with Pineapple Cream. No massage for this quick treatment.



This pedicure is for men or women with feet that need extra help with stubborn calluses. This experience starts off with your feet soaked with Lavender Peppermint. After that, more unwanted skin is removed using a callus remover treatment (contains Alpha Hydroxyl Acid and Salicylic Acid). Next, Peppermint Scrub is applied to exfoliate your feet. It is then followed by Lavender a Grapefruits Clay Masque wrap with Hot Towel to soften and help your feet relax. This unforgettable treatment will end with your feet and lower legs massaged with Grapefruit Foot Cream.



Let us melt away your stress while your feet are pampered with a bath of milk, honey, and Salts of Red Volcanic Ash from Hawaii to re-mineralize a soften your skin. Followed by Pure Strawberry Scrub to sweep away old skin. Your feet are then painted with Desert Red Masque mined from the French Alps, then wrap with a hot towel. Next, a slow deep tissue lower leg massage is done using a Hot Stone and Sweet orange Oil. Finally, make this an unforgettable pedicure when we apply Pure White Chocolate and top off with a final massage to your feet.



First, your feet are soaked in milk and honey followed by Orange Peel & Pineapple Sugar Glow to your legs that will help take away the unwanted old skin. This treatment will help completely moisture your feet. Finally, your legs are treated with massage of classic Caramel Ribbon Glaze.

Island Sugar Manicure - $25

Island Sugar Pedicure - $50



This treatment starts off with warm milk and honey foot soak that will leave your skin buttery smooth. Next, we help refresh your pedicure and manicure with Hawaiian Chocolate Body Sand to sweep away some of your unwanted dry skin. Completed by a foot massage with Dark Chocolate Moisturizing Cream

Deluxe Hawaiian Chocolate Manicure - $25

Deluxe Hawaiian Chocolate Pedicure - $45



This wonderful treatment begins with a foot bath of milk and honey topped with fresh lemon. Continue with exfoliation of unwanted old skin with Citrus Body Sand and Honey Masque in hot Towel. Your feet will relax as they are massaged with our Cocoa Butter complete the treatment as one Our Best you have ever had.

Lemon Drop Manicure - $30

Lemon Drop Pedicure - $60



Give your rough, dry feet the attention they deserve. This rejuvenating treatment begins with warm milk and honey Red Sea Salt Bath to restore moisture and remove impurities.  Our Pure Kiwi Scrub gently exfoliates and smoothes away stubborn calluses. To enhance circulation, Pineapple Masque in Hot Towel is applied to your feet and lower legs, followed by a massage with Moisturizing Pineapple Cream. The manicure covers all the basics and includes a hand and arm massage that nourishes your skin and leaves it feeling silky and hydrated

Pina Colada Manicure - $30

Pina Colada Pedicure - $65



This classic treatment starts off with a foot bath with milk and Raw Sugar. Followed by Honey Almond exfoliation to take dry skin. We continue with Honey Masque to help improve the skin’s natural immunity and protect it from the harsh elements of the environment. Finish it off with an application of Almond Cream and then a slow massage to your feet lower legs. This makes for a blissful experience.

Happy Sweet Heart Manicure - $35

Happy Sweet Heart Pedicure - $65



Allow us to take you to paradise while your hands and feet are pampered in Tropical Fruit bath together with milk and honey. Next, we exfoliate gently with Pineapple Mango Scrub and Orange Peel in Hot Towel. Completing it with Bay Melon Lotion with slow massage up to your lower legs. Finally, make this unforgettable full of tropical scent experience like you are escaping to Paradise Island.

Heavenly Paradise Manicure - $35

Heavenly Paradise Pedicure - $65



This is created for a group of six or more friends who wish to reserve the shop for their get-away time. Our party includes six or more Island Sugar Pedicures, Hawaiian Mimosas (optional), a complimentary Petite Dinner, and Gift Bags. The party is for exclusive reservations after normal business hours and requires three (3) weeks in advance reservation. Guests of the Party enjoy a 15% discount off boutique purchases made that night.

Note: Pedicure is provided for everyone on the LejjBelle Party.



One of the most beautiful and memorable days in a woman’s life is the day of her wedding. Every detail should reflect her beauty including her nails. This is also a moment that she can share with her wonderful bridesmaids. Or Bridal Party treatment includes the Sweet Almond Scrub that exfoliates away old skin.

Then, your hands and feet are soaked in Rose Petal bath infused with link and honey. After the hands and feet are coated with real honey, we wrap them in a warm towel further nourishing the skin with hydrating benefits. Your hands and feet are then relaxed with hand massage, using our wonderful Seeded Cocoa Butter. A compliment of French Polish or nail art and signature toe ring makes for a perfect choice right before your big wedding day. Note: Manicure and Pedicure are included for everyone in this Bridal Party.

Note: Manicure and Pedicure are included for everyone in this Bridal Party along with complimentary Exotic Pineapple Seafood Salad and drinks